Wednesday, 6 July 2011

How to Avoid Triggering a False Alarm

When it comes to home security you don’t want to become the boy that cried wolf.  If your alarm goes off regularly the police and neighbours will no longer consider it a priority.  You also don’t want to be the annoying neighbour whose alarm system keeps up half the neighbourhood at inappropriate times. 

1.    Set up an alarm system maintenance and upgrades schedule. Like all electronic devices alarm systems need to be updated to work at its optimal potential. Replace all batteries every three months.

2.    Include the cleaning the alarm equipment in your house cleaning routine. Lint and dust can clog the motion sensors which can cause them to go off at inapt times.

3.    Pets are one of the main causes of false alarms. Install pet friendly sensors and keep your pets away from problem areas if possible.

4.    Keep windows and doors locked as most alarm sensors are connected to entrance ways.

5.    Study up on the interworking of your alarm system. Know how to cancel the false alarm and how to set it up again afterwards.

6.    When away let the house sitter know about all the quirks of the house and system.

7.    If you are changing anything in the home your contact your security provider, Free Alarms, like if you are planning a remodelling project that will affect the system’s operation. 

8.    Involve the whole household when installing the system. If everyone is informed decreases the likelihood of simple mistakes such as leaving windows and doors open.

Ideally an alarm system is a subtle presence that will protect your household. By following these simple tips it will be.

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