Saturday, 5 November 2011

Is having a guard dog enough?

The economy is changing everyday and the crime rates are going up,  your afraid at home - for yourself and your loved ones but is your guard dog really the way to protect you and your family?

Your home is your castle...or is it? Is your home really safe once you leave for work or school? Your home is considered a sanctuary where you should feel safe. Your home is the only environment where you have control over who can get close to you or your family. Protecting your home and family from criminal intrusion should be high on your list of priorities but expecting your dog to defend your home when you aren't there is a great way to set yourself up for  disappointment and even tragic heartbreak. To a great degree, the type of dog you have will determine its value in protecting your property when you're away, but even the biggest, baddest guard dog isn't the insurance you might believe.

Yes, dogs of any size do offer some value as part of a good home security package, the benefit being that they make a noise and as we all know criminals don't like any attention being drawn to their activity, but simply owning a pooch for your protection and for your home isn't any guarantee. From a security perspective, owning a pet dog is no more valuable than owning a security system that you never turn on.

Criminals know that a small, yappy dog is likely a chronic barker whether somebody is trying to break into your home or not, so a burglar isn't going to be particularly worried that your dog's barking will make any difference. They'll more than likely just come in and take what they want. As for your dog, they'll chase him/her into a room and close the door or, however sad this may be, kill it outright with a kick. The point here is that dogs are best considered a small part of a complete security package rather than all the home security you'll ever need. They are worth something when you're home, but to be honest they will not be any insurance when your not at home.

The take away from this blog should be that any dog, large or small do improve your protection to some degree but does not represent complete protection. your best bet for home protection is to include other measures and only consider your dog a part of the complete home security system. Therefore you will need a home security system with all the benefits to secure your home and loved one's.

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